Dear Readers,

The Friends of Sharuveil were a network of individuals and corps fighting the pirates of Decon (the Deconites). Out of this resistance grew the Friends of EVE, a corp dedicated to mutual aid and antipiracy.

Sharuveil became a demonstration project of the FOE. It proved that that pirates can be successfully fought on their own turf, and the extortion and thuggery that pirates impose on others need not be endured.

The Sharuveil project is now officially closed, although we look forward to the prospect of returning in the future.

With the birth of a FOE, the content and function of this blog has been transferred to the Friends of EVE blog. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

For those of you who contributed posts and commentary to this blog, please do not worry. We transferred everything to our new home on the galactic web. And with this new platform in place, we look forward to providing you even more anti-pirating and community building content and commentary on the FOE.


Delilah Wild, Founder of FOE